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One-to-One Tutoring

£50 an hour

Individual tutorials take place in the relaxed atmosphere of our bistro-style area with refreshments available. If the subject that you need is not listed, we will use our contacts to try and match you with a tutor.
SKU: EC-One-to-One

We are currently able to offer individual tutoring in the following subjects:

  • English (Primary, GCSE and A Level)
  • Geography (GCSE and A Level)
  • Maths (Primary, GCSE and A-Level)
  • Religious Studies (GCSE and A Level)

For any other tutoring needs, we will do our very best to match you with a subject tutor.

All our tutors are DBS cleared and accountable to Ely Classrooms for the quality of their teaching. We will use our in-house expertise to support students, parents and tutors, ensuring that the one-to-one tutoring experience is beneficial for all involved.

If you require tutoring in Key Stage 3 or GCSE English or Maths, we encourage you to look at our small classes (maximum 4 students), which combine the best aspects of group and individual tuition and are more cost effective.

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