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GCSE English Literature: Individual Tuition - Session 2

10 January 2024
– 26 June 2024


Wednesdays at 4.30 pm
SKU: EC-GCSE-English-Lit-Tuition-S2
Our lessons in English Literature bring GCSE texts to life and cultivate a genuine love for the subject, fostering understanding of what exam boards seek in students: analytical depth, engagement with ideas and contexts, and a passion for the written word.

We cater for any text and exam board, and focus on essay writing techniques. When two individuals are booked into the same slot, an additional 15 minutes is added to account for the tutor’s transition between students. Crucially, we encourage parents to discuss their child’s needs, allowing us to pair students with similar requirements.

Lessons are taught by the owner of Ely Classrooms, Allison Puranik, who has extensive experience as a Head of English and as an examiner for major exam boards.

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4.30 pm
– 5.30 pm

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